Important: NI-Apply is not connected to or affiliated with the HMRC, Jobcentre Plus, or any other official Government body.

NI-Apply are an independent processing agency that charge a service fee for providing appointment management and an application review when applying for a new NI Number or applying for a replacement letter of an existing National Insurance Number. (Cards have now been replaced with an official HMRC letter). Our service includes a review of application documents as well as arranging an interview/appointment, if one is required. A booking agent will review all supporting documents required for the application to be processed successfully and will organise in some cases the rearrangement of an existing appointment on your behalf. Please make sure you have read our Terms of Service before using this website.

Please note that you can apply independently and at no cost by visiting the official HMRC website or through the DWP application service on 0345 600 0643.